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Welcome to Pyramid of Hope Counseling

Welcome and thank you for beginning your counseling journey with us! Therapy is an inviting place where every single part of you is welcome, even the parts that are uncomfortable to share. As the owner of Pyramid of Hope Counseling and Licensed Therapist, I am honored that you have chosen us to walk with you in your journey towards healing.

Beginning therapy means different things to different people.  It is often an action of courage, hope, self-care, and self-determination. This may or may not be a new experience for you. If this is your first experience with therapy, you may feel a bit nervous or apprehensive. This is NORMAL! Therapy is a process that allows you the freedom, confidentiality, and safe place to discuss issues that are often too painful or difficult to discuss with your spouse, partner, family and/or friends. We believe that in the process of our work together, you will begin to feel more at peace with yourself and your relationships.

The following are a few suggestions to help make your counseling experience most effective:

  • Before your scheduled appointment, consider writing down questions, topics, or issues you would like to focus on in your session.
  • Communicate your expectations to us so that we are working together toward your goals.
  • Provide ongoing feedback to your therapist so that they know how you are doing.
  • If you feel a need to bring a spouse, partner, family member and/or friend to your session, feel free to do so. If possible, please discuss it with us prior to their arrival.
  • If you have another professional involved in your care (e.g., Family physician, Psychiatrist), we would be happy to coordinate with him/her. It is generally not advisable to have more than one mental health counselor involved in your treatment, at one time.
  • Try to make a commitment to yourself to remain in therapy, practice skills/homework outside of sessions and attend regular sessions. If you wait until you have a crisis, it will be more difficult to build positive coping skills and change.
  • If you feel a need to increase or decrease the frequency of your sessions, or to end counseling, please feel free to communicate that with your therapist. The sessions are about you not your therapist.
  • If for any reason you would like to see a different therapist, please feel free to discuss this with them or contact me directly. We have (5) therapists you can choose from, another may be a better fit for you.  Connection with your therapist is imperative for healing.
  • If you experience thoughts of harming yourself or someone else, please tell your therapist ASAP. It is our responsibility to assess these thoughts and to develop a plan with you to maintain safety.

Therapy will be difficult sometimes and for others the most enjoyable part of your week. As therapists, we welcome these opposing states and embrace them as a sign of good work being done on your behalf. We ask that you bring your authentic and whole self to each session. We encourage you to allow yourself to experience any emotion or thought freely.  NO apologies necessary for expressing yourself.  If you are not quite there yet, we hope you will allow us to help you reach that point. It is our genuine hope that every client that comes to our office, journeys along their therapeutic path with a renewed sense of understanding and self-appreciation.

We look forward to working with you in becoming a healthier, happier YOU!  Thank you.

Jill M. Valliere, Owner, MA, LPC, NCC

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As a casualty of the endemic of childhood sexual abuse, I can tell you firsthand how isolated, lonely and non-trusting it makes you feel as a child and how these life altering symptoms follow me into adulthood. The brain of someone that’s never lived an experience such that I have cannot fathom the horrors of the experience and realize how prevalent this type of child abuse is sadly.

The reality is that even one reported case of childhood sexual abuse is too many, but to think of those that aren’t is disturbing, sickening and downright saddening. This type of abuse will follow most of these children into adulthood like myself and can manifest in many different directions. Victims of childhood sexual abuse are much more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, to struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and to experience major depressive episodes.

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I suddenly and unexpectedly became severely irritated and angry 5 years ago. I was working full-time as a production manager for a manufacturing company, with a responsibility for 10 employees and the timely delivery of half million-dollar orders. 

Initially, I had days when I was just intensely irritable with my job, employees, family and suffered from periods of anxiety and severe headaches. I just attributed this to the stress of the job and the often-longer hours that came with it. Then one day while driving into work I decided it would be appropriate to crash my truck in an attempt to end my life. Though I didn’t follow through on this, it was the start of very strong suicidal thoughts and impulses that would randomly pop into my head unwarranted and required extreme mental energy to resist acting them out.

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