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A little bit about me… I had a major career change later in life.  Up until the economy crashed in 2008 my background revolved around the auto industry and manufacturing.  I worked as an Engineer for a tier 1 automotive company producing parts for the “Big Three.”  I then went on to instruct Manufacturing classes at the local community college full-time.  I was able to do this until the economy was starting to crash.  Anticipating that my programs would be shut down at the college and that I possibly wouldn’t be able to go back into Engineering and stay in Northern Michigan, I looked at career fields in the healthcare field.  I decided counseling might be something I could do and decided to try that.  I applied for and was accepted into the 3 year program and found my calling.  I really enjoy helping people out and found that I really became fascinated with the alcohol and addiction field.  In 2012 I graduated with a counseling degree and continued on in the Substance Abuse and Addiction field completing with a graduate level certificate through Western Michigan University’s SPADA program (Specialty Program in Alcohol and Drug Abuse).  A few years later a good friend and classmate of mine asked me to come to Boyne City and be involved in the counseling business she was opening up called Pyramid of Hope Counseling in Boyne City. 

The counseling experience is a very personal, open-communication process; with personal growth, and positive, behavior modification being the basic goals. Although each individual experiences counseling differently, my approach to Cognitive Counseling is to foster a professional and therapeutic collaboration with all clients based on trust and honest, candid communication. Counseling is a positive avenue toward achieving self-awareness and developing effective coping skills; you may be challenged by painful memories or experience difficult emotions like feelings of frustration, anxiety, or even anger during the process. My objective is to help you in dealing more effectively with life’s stresses.

Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.
Joshua J. Marine