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Peyton Our Therapy Dog - Pyramid of Hope Counseling


Executive Assistant, "DOG"



Woof!!!  That is my way of saying Hello.  Please do not be frightened by my attempt at a ferocious bark or my overly excited personality.  My family describes me as a “gentle giant” similar to Rex the Tyrannosaurus from Toy Story that worries endlessly about things outside my control.  Though I’m loved on a daily basis by my mom, dad and everyone that meets me, I struggle with insecurities about being left behind.  Why you ask?  Well, at 2 years old, I was given away by my birth family due to their unsuccessful attempts to  manage my puppy behaviors and need for exercise.  That was one of the most difficult days of my life but, since then I have been unconditionally loved by my new family that includes other fur babies.  I now have a sister, three nieces and three nephews that are all beagles!!! 

Remember I told you that I DO NOT like being left behind?  That is NOT true when it comes to following the beagles.  When I follow them or try to fit in I ALWAYS get in trouble.  They love starting chaos with other dogs, rolling in unpleasant smelling matter and chasing anything that moves (i.e. bunnies, squirrels, mice, birds, each other and their tails…).  I can’t help myself since they always seem to have fun I follow despite the outcome.  What can I say I love to be around my family.  They allow me to be me which is usually showing affection to anyone that is willing to receive it, sit or lie on the furniture, share meals, empty water bowl onto floor, drool, snore and my favorite play with squeakies, fetch frisbees and tennis balls.  I usually go to the office with my mom that you all know as Jill.  When I want to go to the office, which is most days, I don’t let mom get out of the house without me.  So BEWARE when you meet me that you never know what kind of mood I’m going to be in and that I can’t control my licker.