5 W. Main Street
Boyne City, Michigan
Phone: (231) 881-5001
Email: info@pyramidofhope.com

Our Vision

Pyramid of Hope Counseling in Boyne City is committed to strengthening families, individuals, and our community by providing mental health services through prevention, education, and counseling. Pyramid of Hope Counseling exists so that people seeking the highest quality mental health services available can be served by professionals who are committed to the unique excellence demanded by private practice. We understand that each client we work with is a unique individual influenced by his/her culture, family, values and beliefs, and personal identity. We strive to honor and respect the uniqueness of each person we treat.

Our goal is to guide individuals, couples, and families toward better functioning in all areas of their lives. We understand that psychological services may not be the only treatment or services that will promote the growth of the individual in all aspects of who they are, and therefore we may facilitate a referral to other treatment providers and/or professionals in order to help clients actualize their full potentials. In summary, our mission is to promote the growth of each client and our hope is that each individual discovers well-being. 

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